The Cedar Mill Group Advantage

We’re a collaborative company. We want all of your input throughout the entire process. Some clients might worry that they're pestering - that’s not it. We want to hear everything that you’re thinking, that you’re feeling. We want it all. That’s how you get the best experience.

What is the Cedar Mill Group Advantage?

The Cedar Mill Group's mission is to give our customers the same respect and trust with each project, through and through. Whether it’s remodeling, building an addition, or installing a new septic system, it’s critical that you stay involved to ensure complete satisfaction.


Our Standards

The Cedar Mill Group Advantage is the standard we dedicate ourselves to. We constantly look between the lines for new construction processes and materials to get your home to its full potential. Our professional home builders utilize 3D design software to offer you a virtual blueprint of how your home improvement project will appear. As for the build process, we keep our work area clean and minimize any distractions as much as possible.

Our standards are high. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, we want to be closer to perfect. We’re always tweaking the engine a little bit. What can we do a little bit better? Like on punch list items, can we get that list a bit smaller, can we get rid of it all together? What we striving for as a company?


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For fine New Hampshire craftsmanship and for leading custom design-build services in Amherst, Bedford, Bow, Concord, Henniker, Hopkinton, Loudon and the Lake Sunapee Region, put the Cedar Mill Group Advantage to work for you. Call (603) 225-6911 and get started on your dream home today!

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    Our Process

    Having one source provide both first-rate design and craftsmanship is not a new idea. Our team will develop a preliminary design plan that includes relative scope and size as well as project requirements – but that’s only the beginning. And how do you ensure the experience is everything you dreamed of? Choose the right design-builder to fit you, not just your project but also your personality and lifestyle. At CMG, the process is just as important to us as the finished product.!